ssd's Antenna pictures

These are a collection of quickly taken, barely cleaned pictures of some of my attempts to build antennas. I think I've at least deleted some of the out of focus ones. Some of these are pretty similar, but I kept 'em anyway because sometimes the better ones are washed out on finer details.

I decided there were too many pictures here, so I have narrowed it down to one for each antenna, with detailed pictures and descriptions on separate pages.

You can find more antenna designs on my antenna links page.

Antennas attempted: (in order)

Antenna Status
emergency J-pole fragile and very narrow bandwith; lost in a drawer somewhere
two and three element quads works well, 3 element is lost, 2 element hung with my spares
small vhf loop
(direction finding)
I may experiment more with these soon
cylindrical parabolic proof of concept only, disassembled
circular parabolic dish proof of concept only, parts lost
tuned 2m loop round loop is in my office, use it every day
Moxon 70cm is usually with me; 2m I use for simplex nets when portable
Small loop
my second HF antenna
complete; still testing

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