Local HAM nets

Amateur radio is all about talking. Hams like to talk; "nets" are a regular forum to talk about a specific topic on the air.

There are formal emergency nets such as skywarn, and ARES/RACES which handles disasters of all sorts. There are traffic nets, dedicated to passing written messages ("traffic") between hams and non-hams, coordinated as the National Traffic System (NTS) which operates under methods and practices developed over the years by ARRL. Finally, there are informal social nets of all sorts.

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real time monitoring of dangerous weather


traffic nets

Socal nets

frequency when topic sponsor
146.820 146.760 443.275 Sunday 8pm scanning/listening Central Florida Listeners Group
147.060 Sat 8pm rag-chew net Central Florida Repeater Association
146.76 / 443.275Monday 8pm Traders Net OARC
146.76 Thursday 8pm Ladies' Net OARC

I've done my best to find a list of all nets within my listening range. I've I've left out your favorite net, feel free to drop me a line and I'll add it.