Antenna links

Note that there are thousands of antenna web pages on the internet. Simply feeding your favorite antenna name into google is frequently sufficent to bring up a big handful of relevant pages. However, I found much duplication and wildy varying quality in those pages. There's a few pages that seem to contain and link to everything. Here is a collection of links that I found to be more relevant than some others.

Please note! I update this page each time I do research on antennas. If there is a particular type of antenna you'd like to know about, drop me a line, and I'll e-mail you when I update (or add) info on that type of antenna.

Table of contents

general antenna pages

quad pages

J-Pole pages

collinear antennas

other antennas

loop antennas

Yagi antennas

HF antennas

patch antennas

discone antennas