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If you are interested in getting an amateur radio license, you can signup for our workshops and exam session here

Meetings 5:30pm Friday in ENGR-I 456A

Try out Amateur Radio! Get a license, talk around the world! Build antennas and radios from scratch. Learn practical electronics. Come to our meetings, we can help with these things.

The most active portion of this page includes the club's minutes for past and future meetings. (2017 minutes)

See also the club records database and data source documentation.

See also the club calendar on Google calendar entry under UCF ARC. xml ical

We also have a mailing list. This is a main method of distribution of information.

Additionally, there is a club Facebook page.

The club also has a picture gallery of members' pictures.

We have started doing semi-regular testing sessions. Fill out this form if you would like to attend review sessions or our next testing session.

It's not the size of the antenna, but the SWR that counts.


[edit] Mission

To promote Amateur Radio, and its use around UCF by students and faculty.


[edit] Club meetings

  • Meetings are in Engr I room 456A every week.
    • Fridays at 5:30PM
  • No formal nets are currently scheduled (TBD), but if they were they would be on the repeater. If you are unlicensed, you can still participate in the net. Just find a club member.

Most meetings are listed on google calendar.

After most meetings we eat.

[edit] past minutes and future meetings

[edit] Annual club events

These are events the club is regularly involved in:

[edit] Club ToDo List

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[edit] Club projects and activities

[edit] projects in progress

(or, at least, these should be active)

  • ARC project 1 demo board
  • moxon magazine article
  • reflow oven
  • repeater controller
  • Simple radio receiver
  • network analyzer
  • multi-band strip line SWR meter with phase detection for 35mhz - 3ghz
  • rotor repair - Finished - Awaiting installation with sattelite antenna array.
  • satellite ground station
  • satellite radio package

[edit] possible future meeting activities

[edit] possible project sources

You may also want to select from possible future projects or the antenna links page.

[edit] Topic Index

[edit] Old items of interest

[edit] Members

[edit] Officers & Advisors

Nathan Bodnar, President, Supreme Operator KJ4BWR
Ramsay Newman, Treasurer, Right Hand Man KM4INO
Steven Dick, Club Faculty Advisor KG4YDW

[edit] Members & Alumni

Currently Active Members (Student & Alumni)
Christopher E. Maukonen wa4cm
Doug Maukonen k4ddm (formerly kf4ze, ka4nnx)
Nathan Bodnar KJ4BWR
Zlatko A Masic KJ4JEA
John Szialgyi KI4ORG
José A. Figueroa KJ4FBZ
Sean Pope KK4MMP
Anson Shurr WU2F (formerly KJ4MJI)
Jamie Schnaitter KJ4TBT
Ricardo Angeli KM4FEU
Ramsay Newman KM4INO
Karson Kimbrel KA4SON
UCFARC Alumni Members
Logan Camacho KM4EVU
Nick Voce KK4MMR
Jeffrey C Lambert k1vzx (was ki4vtn)
Brenton Zillins kj4bwu
Robert Mertens kj4fca
David Dowdle kj4hte
Jeremy Mayeres K4JSM
Eric Gershman ki4iup
Keith Wall AK4JQ (was KI4HXM)
Scott Harden AJ4VD (was KJ4LDF)
Craig A. Jacobson ka0kqc
Dr. Edwin K. Evenson ki4agl
Mark Lindeman ki4ujg
Tim Young ki4tdb
Matthew A. Rhodes ki4evh
Jared M. Davies kg4gac
Mike F. Haendel kg4rqh
Karl "Skip" Brooks wb4yed (SK)
Steve Jax n4sjj
Jami W. Ward kg4zke
Tannen S. VanZwieten ki4evi
Matt Kassawara KG0W (was KG4FEQ)
Jason M. Varner kg4gae
W. Schuyler Frost kg4haq
Charles Harpole k4vud
Steven F. Schindler na4sa
Samuel M. Richie ka4kzf
Micheal Potaczala kc4nus
Steven Freund kd4ple
Robert Broderick WE4B we4b
Benny D. Miller Jr. w4qed
Joe Reilly n4ziq
Michael M. Clark, Jr. ki4olu
Brian J Parkhurst km4fes
Stephen W Szabo wb4omm
Marc Suttle k4ftu
Dr. Christian S. Bauer Jr SK ki4iuw
If you were forgotten in either section above, feel free to add yourself.

Passed your exam and waiting for your call sign? check the FCC advanced search.

[edit] External Links

[edit] humor

[edit] tutorials and references

[edit] Ham Call Databases

  • HamDB Freely accessible, fast call-sign database for 5 countries. Free API functionality.
  • QRZ
  • FCC -- Universal Licensing System (ULS) searches
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