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This is an idea page for the remote SDR setup. These are just ideas so far. Add yours!


  • 3/4 SDR units have been received, the LimeSDR has been ordered
  • one SDR (for ADSB) is operational but the antenna is not in an ideal location
  • Plans are being made to construct one or two additional antennas and mount at least one with the ADSB antenna
  • software survey in progress


set up

  • Multiple SDRs will be available (at least 4 have been ordered so far)
  • Each SDR will have special features including
    • ADSB dedicated receiver
    • high resolution transceiver in shack on a random antenna
    • two cheap dongles on dedicated antennas (not built yet)
    • Each receiver's antenna will have a different range
  • Some (all?) SDRs should be remotely accessible to club members
  • A stand alone display in a remote visible location could rotate through well labeled static and live displays
    • informational slides
    • live PSK display of an active band
    • live ADSB display
    • live FM broadcast display
    • prerecorded versions of live display data if receivers are down
    • user interaction with display?


Ideas for software:

  • slide server (already implemented, client software could be tweaked)
  • server indexing active SDRs and what mode they can be put in or if they are already in use
  • SDR remote control software
    • view only / non-interactive client
    • bidirectional client with full control and selectable software
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