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Linux Users Group at UCF collaboration page. If you want to be informed about future events sign up on the LUG@UCF Mailing List/Google Group

NOTE: If you do not have a gmail account, that's fine. You can still subscribe to the Google Group using whatever e-mail address you currently have. The old LUG@UCF Mailing List should no longer be used.


[edit] Meetings

Meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 7pm. The location will be announced before at least the week of the next meeting.

  • Next Meeting
  • When:
  • Time:
  • Where:
  • Agenda:
    •  ?


  1. Vim/Emacs comparison
    • by Jason Kress and Jeff Wilges
  2. Python Programming
    • by Darshan Purandare

    • Faculty Assistance
    • Meeting Room
    • Check up on Wiki Maintenance
      • tell Steve if you want some of your outdated pages deleted

[edit] Business Meeting Topics

[edit] Projects

[edit] ToDo

  • remind (preferably via e-mail) Jeff W (the VP) to check out the projector from ASF for the next meeting on March 21st.
  • Spring 07 Club Update Form
  • Hold an Open House Meeting
  • Organize an [[installfest].
  • Plans to make UCF Online Library Catalog with Zotero [1], firefox research tool extension

[edit] Presentations

[edit] Meeting Minutes

[edit] Cubicle Hours

Cubicle hours have been voluntarily suspended for the Spring 2007 Semester.

[edit] Constitution

  • LUG UCF Constitution

[edit] Resources

This section details links to helpfull *nix and OpenSource information.

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