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So you'd like a radio, but you can't afford a $1300 IC 7000. What's the alternative? Build it yourself!

This is a research page for kit radios...


[edit] manufacturers, designers, and kit lists

[edit] Design our own kit

It would be neat to have a cheap fixed frequency FM receiver tuned to the repeater that we could loan to new members.

  • receive only
  • fixed frequency(s)
  • PL tone squelch?

[edit] PIC-A-STAR

DSP transceiver project

[edit] radio kits

potential narrowing criteria:

  • must do both CW and SSB
  • must support multiple bands or be very cheap
  • xmit > 1w ?

[edit] receivers

[edit] RX/TX

[edit] TX only

[edit] SDR

[edit] Reasons for buying a kit instead of copying it and building it

It's a kit, you can make it yourself and just go get the parts, right? Here's why you'd want to buy a kit instead:

  • Custom enclosures are cheap when mass produced; otherwise you gotta fit it in a box you found somewhere
  • Some parts are hard to find, or hard to buy in single quantities
  • Surface mount parts are more expensive to ship in single quantities than to solder on a PCB and ship the PCB.
  • PCB's are hard to make. Yes, we can mill them, that works for two layer boards. But most people can't do that, and multilayer boards are still out of our reach.
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