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I keep getting announcements for other people's amateur radio tailgates, sometimes after they occur. I don't know if anyone is actively maintaining a Florida tailgate page, so I think I'll just start one. This list will focus on Central Florida hamfests, but if you feel like adding your Florida hamfest too, go ahead.

If you are holding an amateur radio hamfest or tailgate in the state of Florida, please feel free to add it to this list! (Don't worry too much about formatting, just get all the info in and we'll fix it if it needs it.)

I don't want to duplicate the ARRL lists, this list would get huge (and I'd have to work to copy it). The intent here is to catch all the little ones that aren't listed on the ARRL page, and the few big ones the UCF club attends. But if you feel like adding your hamfest to this list, go ahead!

[edit] Other lists of Florida hamfests

last update list
2014 http://www.eagle3.net/browardarc/ [1]

[edit] Tailgates and hamfests

name where when 2014 2015 2016
UCF Winter tailgate Orlando Second saturday in January Jan 11 Jan 10 Jan 9
* Hamcation Orlando Feb 7-9 Feb 13-15 Feb 12-14
Titusville mosquito net Tailgate Titusville march March 28
AES tailgate Orlando second saturday in April April  ?
UCF Summer tailgate Orlando Second saturday in June June 14 June 13 June 11
AES tailgate Orlando July July 18 (5am-12)
* TARCfest Tampa ARC August 20 April 18
* Bahia Shrine tailgate Orlando Sept 20 Sept 12
* PCARS Melbourne Oct 10-11 Oct 9-10
* Tampa Bay Hamfest Tampa/Plant City Dec Dec 12-13 Dec 11-12
AES tailgate Orlando second saturday in December Dec  ?  ?

* listed in the ARRL database

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