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The ARC databasecontains club specific material as well as interesting data from external data sources. This page documents parts of the non-ham part of the ARC database schema, as well as the data sources and corrections for the amateur radio relevant portion.


Milling machine data

This is a preliminary schema design, still being developed. All schedule times will use a one hour granularity.


  • How do overlapping time intervals affect scheduling?
  • Does every certifier need to be a club member? (preferably)
  • How much time should be allocated for certification? (1 hour is prob not enough)

Survery questions

  • Save survery questions (currently at SD PCB CERT) in database for easy editing.
  • Link survey questons to user.

Senior Design Students

  • key: NID (need this for computer login anyway)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Senior Design Class #
  • Senior Design Group #
  • Registered Google Groups Email Address
  • Phone Number

UCFARC Members

  • key: Callsign
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • NID
  • Phone Number

Completed Certifications

  • key:NID
  • Registered Google Groups Email Address
  • Certified to Certify others
  • Quick Circuit Certified
  • Metcal Certified

Training and Certification Scheduling

  • Time Block
  • NID

Quick Circuit Reservations

  • Time Block
  • NID

Metcal Reservations

  • Time Block
  • NID

External sources

Florida Repeater data


Currently, the repeater table contains data merged from the Florida Repeater Council 11/14/04 spreadsheet and the 07/02/05 PDF. The spreadsheet data imported cleanly, but many city names were abbreviated. A perl script was used to parse the 2005 data after pasting the text from the PDF file. Some errors were corrected before importing this data. Also, where found, city names abbreviated in the 2004 data were fixed before importing the 2005 data.


The city data was extracted from the repeater data. Some manual corrections have been made using the Florida Cities data linked above. In only some cases, these corrections were also made to the repeater data.

errors corrected

  • 12/05 data (PDF) (not published yet, partially imported)
    • 444.275 Orlando Oange fixed to Orange
    • duplicate repeater: 442.525 Miami KC4VQP 08/29/02 oa(CA) 103.5
  • 07/02/05 data (PDF)
    • county Oange fixed to Orange
    • one repeater was listed twice; the older expiration was deleted
  • 11/14/04 data (xls)
    • The following abbreviations in some city names were fixed to match the 2005 data:
correct abbreviation
Heights hgts
Beach bch
Port prt
Springs spgs
Beach B$
North ^N
  • The 2004 data contains regions but not counties; the 2005 data contains counties but not regions. Some manual merging of these was done.


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