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The UCF ARC has two repeaters.

Note to Hamcation attendees: This repeater is probably too far east to hit from Hamcation.

[edit] 146.640

The 2m repeater is a Hi Pro 'E' repeater with a CAT1000 controller.

Control operators: KG4YDW (contact if you would also like to be a control operator)

Note: echolink and irlp are currently down due to a hardware failure. They will probably be brought back online on the 70cm repeater rather than the 2m repeater.

Repeater related projects:

  • Add EchoLink & IRLP to the repeater (software config in progress)
    • Echolink node 225634 K4UCF-R
    • IRLP node 4775

Current public codes:

5 give current repeater time
#5 current correct time
#6 approximate current correct time
6 play message describing next meeting or net
# prefix for irlp commands (#node to dial)
#A prefix for echolink commands (#A node to dial)
#73 disconnect current echolink or IRLP call

Other codes are available to club members who want to become control operators. Control operators must be responsible and regular participants in club events. Private code functionality includes:

  • Disable echolink
  • Enable echolink and IRLP

Echolink currently is set to allow up to 3 remote connections at once.

[edit] IRLP messages

Want to have your voice on the repeater? Record these phrases

  • Audio specs: 8 bit mono, at 8000 hz, windows PCM format

and send us the files (upload to the wiki if you want)

stn4775on.wav (1)
Welcome to the K4UCF repeater, Orlando, FL node 4775
stn4775off.wav (1)
Thank you for visiting the K4UCF repeater, 73

[edit] 443.375

The 70cm is re-coordinated! Use pl tone 103.5

Possible work left to do:

  • done add helical filter to block commercial band interferance
  • build a new controller and finish writing its firmware
  • move echolink here!
  • done add amplifier power is now ~30w
  • add preamplifier?
  • program fancy stuff into new controller & echolink and publish codes here
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