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Plans for a live demo of Amateur Radio for UCF ARC recruitment


[edit] Demos to be performed

  • promo demo
    • oscilloscope and a function generator
  • Do we want to do a GOTA station?
    • Yes, this pretty much will be a GOTA station.
  • interactive cw demo
    • a table or two with keys linked to each other and two operators to demonstate and guide people through a small conversation. getting people to do a little hands on action they might be drawn in

[edit] lists of famous hams

[edit] Advertising/public notice of demo event

[edit] Notice to CFF Around Campus column

  • This column appears on the left side of the 1st inside page
  • Contact: or FAX 407-447-4556
  • deadlines
    • 5pm Tuesday for the Thursday Edition
    • 5pm Friday for the Monday Edition

[edit] Notice on OSI website

Contact info: E-mail:

Phone: (407) 823-6471

[edit] Send notice of event to other UCF clubs

  • Possibly could be done by OSI to all UCF clubs
  • Clubs to consider contacting directly
    • American Red Cross Club -- Contact: Amber Vance,
    • Knights Battle Against Weather -- Contact: Craig Menkes,
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) -- Contact: Matthew Erickson,
    • Robotics Club -- Contact: Gary Stein,
    • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) -- Contact: Diana Ovadia,
    • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) -- Contact: Todd Romberger,

[edit] flyers & info material at demo

  • flyer content
  • locations for flyers
    • Vending/Breakrooms
      • CC2 between computer labs
      • MAP 2nd floor
    • Labs
    • Classrooms/Departments
      • Communications
  • info material @ demo site
    • What is Amateur Radio info sheet

[edit] Equipment

Also see Amateur Radio Emergency Jumpkit

  • 90 Amp hour battery
  • 2m/70cm radio (Alinco or icom 706 below)
  • laptop -- echolink and/or prerecorded QSO's
  • ICOM 706 MIIg or Kenwood TS2000
  • Antenna and antenna mounting hardware (tower?)
  • capasitive ground tripod /w outbacker Jr. or Hamsticks
  • B&W Folded Dipole -- Do we know if it is functional? (probably)
  • Outbacker and Ironhorse antenna / tripod combo
  • antenna tuner (or analyzer if can't get a tuner)
  • 802.11 Pig Tail
  • Folding Table
  • Chairs
  • Tent and Frame from ASF

[edit] HF nets which can be monitored & contacted

  • 14.300MHz Maritime Mobile Service Net (1200 - 2200 local time)
  • 1.845MHz Florida Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (starts 1200 local time)
  • 3.940MHz North Florida traffic net (0700 & 1930 local time)
  • 3.950MHz Northern Florida ARES Net (2000 local time)
  • 7.242MHz Florida Midday Traffic Net (1145 local time)
  • 3.908MHz Florida Public Operations Net (1630 local time)
  • 3.940MHz/7.242MHz Tropical Phone Traffic Net (1700 local time)

[edit] RF Safety

  • minimal safe distances from antennas for power & frequencies used
  • grounding of radios
  • grounding of non-balanced antennas
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